WORX WG303.1 Review

There was a time when people were not fond of electric chainsaws. However, with the advancement in technology and efficiency they offer unlike the traditional gas models, electric chainsaws are holding their elite position in the preference list of their consumers. One such preferable model is WG303.1 by Worx, which is as powerful as a gas model but is quieter and eco-friendly.


This electric chainsaw attempts to offer what each chainsaw should – safety with power. Keeping these capabilities in mind, the designers have included lots of modern but handy features offering the most hassle-free sawing experience. With the first hold, you will find that this corded chainsaw is quite comfortable even if you have it in your palms for a long period. The design is ergonomic and that the build is lightweight (11 lbs), both of which adds to its convenient feel. Comfort and convenience both are guaranteed with safety by this chainsaw, which is essential because chainsaws are actually tricky enough to handle and use. This guarantee comes from its modern features, described below.

Powerful Motor

The motor is perhaps the most remarkable feature of this tool, as it has the capacity of 14.5 amp to produce an output of 3.5 HP. This is more than what a fully and adequately filled gas model can offer. This much power from a lighter model is actually commendable and is more than enough for daily tasks such as cutting, trimming, and pruning large woods. With its perfect bar and chain, it is very effortless to cut down a big tamarack.

However, the limitation of this chainsaw is its corded model running on the normal 120v-60Hz electricity. While it is quite effortless to use, the cord restricts the workout amidst the acreage.

Bar, Chain, and Safety

This feature can be a benefit or limitation but this significantly depends upon your circumstances. You use the 16-inch bar, which is both the minimum and the maximum. This is actually an overkill for trimming smaller and thinner woods in the lawn or backyards. At the same time, the length is bit short for big tamaracks or cedars. However, in between the extremes, there lies a good balance of medium length, proving ideal for several users.

Designed for serious use and hard work, the bar holds a dog at its base, which is well placed and is of metal. Further, the spikes are firmly hold in place while dealing with big pines. The chain gauge and pitch are also quite typical, 3/8″ and 0.50″. The ability to kickback less shows that the designers had kept both homeowners and professionals in mind. Safety is ensured when an inappropriate contact occurs, because this is exactly when a safety brake instantly puts the chain to halt. This keeps accidental but fatal cuts at bay.

Talking about more safety features, there is a tool-less tensioning system without compromising with the ease of use and next to pro performance. Once properly set, auto-tensioning system is safe enough to eliminate the risk of unintentionally over-tightening the chain. There is also a full-wrap front handle and a strong rear handle, both offering a firm grip. Further, the absence of exhaust fumes and lower noise level adds to extra safety while using this chainsaw.

Ergonomics and Maintenance

The ease of handling is ensured by a few convenient touches such as rubberized rear handle that is more comfortable than the handle of most gas models having the same weight and offering the same power. However, ease of use is a bit diluted with the shape and placement of bar. The bar’s rear builds wood chips in case of too green wood.

For maintenance, an automatic oiler exists for the chain/bar so that it can give incessant lubrication at the time of cutting. This means that the sprocket shall not need any frequent focus or attention. Further, the automatic chain lubrication saves much energy as well as time to dissemble the tool for lubricating it by hand. It also averts friction for optimal performance.

In addition, there is no need of any tools for disassembling the chainsaw for adjusting and cleaning the tension. There is an auto-tension knob for retaining the right tension level for optimal sawing results.

The reservoir for oil has the capacity for holding 6.75 oz. of oil, which frees you from the need of filling it quite often. And yes, there is a visible level indicator is just handy at the time of filling.

Moreover, you can use this tool even at a few places wherein using a gas-powered model may not be suitable. For example, you can use this chainsaw in small work shed where you wish to cut firewood.

Low or No Vibration and Low Noise

The rubber-molded rear handle absorbs maximum vibration while using the chainsaw, particularly while slicing hard wood. At the same time, a steady grip is also ensured without the need of putting much pressure on the muscles and fingers. This helps in preventing that irritating headache and fatigue. Moreover, the controlled or absorbed vibration also suppresses noise, making you do the chore peacefully and without invoking anger in your family members or neighbors.


  • Light
  • Good ergonomics
  • Easy to start
  • Easy to handle
  • Cuts great
  • Powerful and quiet
  • No emissions
  • Extra safe
  • Low maintenance
  • Visible oil window
  • No over-tightening
  • Durable
  • Easy to store


  • Plastic brush box
  • Restricted range of cord
  • Quick usage of oil


The WG303.1 chainsaw is just ideal for dealing with small trees shrubs, trimming, and felling wood and trees of up to 12 inches long. It is also perfect for cutting firewood. It’s easy to use buildup makes it a handy choice for both experienced and novice users. The best part of this tool is that it surpasses the power and performance standards of its costlier peers. It is true that there are some tradeoffs in terms of design, but it deserves to be the ultimate saw of anyone who does not need a full-duty machine for sawing tasks.