Tanaka TCS40EA18 Gas Powered ChainSaw Review

Chances are high for all those who are reading this page, to not have heard about the Tanaka brand for chain saws. This is because it is not that popular as other brands but there is nothing to get alarmed about it, as the brand has a reputed long history since 1918.

Tanaka is actually famous for manufacturing a variety of power tools and equipment for lawn care. It has managed to gain a lasting reputation for its durable and reliable tools with lasting 2-stroke engines. That said; the biggest benefit you get for a highly reputed but less popular brand is more value for your money. So, you shall never be disappointed in terms of performance and price, if you choose to go with this brand. Without any hesitation, this is applicable to gas chain saws as well.

Boasting superb power and commercial-grade versatility, the Tanaka TCS40EA18 gas chain saw is designed for general use. However, according to several customer reviews, the tool is perfect for hobby work as well as cutting firewood. Let’s explore its main features.

Environment-friendly, Efficient Engine and Durable Construction

Powered by the brand’s PureFire® 2-stroke engine with the capability of low emission, the chain saw contains a throttle latch, purge primer bulb, connecting rod made up of forged steel, and cylinder plated with chrome for quick and reliable starts as well as easy cuts. While these parts make the chain saw durable and strong, the engine makes it more functional and green.

The 40 cc, 2.4-HP commercial-grade engine is smart enough to control the emissions as well as release more power for quick cutting. This is due to the PureFire two-stroke technology that releases fewer fumes. This itself ensures not only less environmental impact but also safer operation. Due to such an engine, the tool is recognized as CARB Tier III compliant, which means you can unhesitatingly use it even in California.

Moreover, the engine in the chain saw features a purge primer bulb as well as the S-Start system. This mechanism for startup reduces the effort or force required for pull starting by up to 50%. This is commendable, as it helps in controlling the level of stress on your body. Most traditional gas saws do not start up so quickly and it really takes efforts to get started safely. However, this effort and pain are eliminated by using this powerful piece.

Reduced Kickback and Efficiency-boosting Bar and Chain

This reliable power tool comes with a bar and chain measuring 18-inch long. They are from the notable Oregon manufacturer whose products are engineered to offer powerful performance while keeping a control on the kickback. This certainly ensures controlled cuts as well as safe performance as well. Moreover, the chain and bar set features a versatile 3/8-inch pitch.

For extra safety, the powerhead comes with an inertia-activated brake for the chain. This brake is capable of halting the rotating chain instantly, whenever it is required to do so. Just like in case of other gas saws, there is a chain tensioner with side access, which takes care of easy as well as rapid chain adjustments. There are also bar-mounting studs that are secured so nicely such that they contribute to the overall cutting efficiency. The two studs along with a heavy-duty oiler driven by the gear retains the peak cutting efficiency of the chain.

Portable, Small, and Anti-Vibration Design
Customers usually have a common complaint of stress- and fatigue-inducing vibration that most gas saws deliver at maximum level. However, with the advancement in technology, a few gas saws have been able to gain control over this issue. This chain saw from Tanaka is one of them.

It features a 5-point anti-vibration mechanism that keeps a check on the level of generated vibration. Such a control consequently removes the risk of fatigue and rather increases the comfort level, even if the user uses the tool for an extended period. The comfort level is also accelerated by the D-style rear handle, lightweight design measuring only 9.7 pounds, and fully assembled packing. The weight factor actually also contributes to maneuverability if chosen for use with bars of varying sizes.

Due to these features, it is not at all surprising that the brand is offering a whooping seven-year warranty. This itself speaks about the reliability and durability aspects of this tool, although it may be less popular.


  • Lightweight
  • Impressive power
  • Smooth and peak cutting efficiency
  • Reduce kickback
  • Less fatigue and more comfort due to least vibration
  • Easier and quicker startup than a traditional gas saw
  • Ease of operation
  • Convenient chain adjustment
  • Additional safety
  • CARB complaint
  • Greatest warranty time – 7 years!


  • Hot exhaust although placed away from you
  • Not much adjustment by the chain oiler


If you still doubt whether to go with this power tool or not, consider the critical factors of engine size, power, price, warranty time, and number of positive reviews. Based on these factors, if you rate or judge this tool, it is certain that you will keep it in the preferred list. Most customers have endorsed that if you take proper care, there is nothing you are going to complaint about for next seven years.

However, if you still are confused, you can decide as per your requirements or needs. In that situation, this power house is actually a versatile tool. It is totally ideal for householders who are in search of an efficient, well-designed, and safe saw for general purpose, such as limbing, cutting firewood, cleaning the yard, and making those big trees fall. Although this tool is powerful and versatile, it is surely not meant for those heavy-duty tasks. Consider the tool worth only for small to medium tasks. The tool has all the capabilities to fulfill all your cutting needs or requirements around the house, especially cutting those big trees and limbs.

Last but not the least; do look up for more favorable reviews for this product. This can help you make a quick decision in the most reliable way. However, look for sources such as Amazon for the same.