Remington RM5118R Rodeo Review

The Remington RM5118R gas chainsaw is a solid, medium heavy but an efficient power tool for all those who reside near a forest or by the woods or need to gather logs for fuel from fallen branches by splitting them into smaller chunks. The saw is also suitable for clearing the wooden debris or climbing trees in or around the home, which shed several leaves. While fulfilling a variety of tasks, the chainsaw is not just ideal for occasional use, as it shows constant, effective performance on the daily basis along with daily heavy-duty wood-based activities. So, are you having such similar needs too? Well then, let us review the main features of this chainsaw now! This will help you in convincing yourself that you are about to choose the most suitable saw for your day-to-day tasks.

Construction and Power

Regardless of whether you are cutting, limbing firewood or cleaning up the leftover in the lawn, no sawing job is difficult for this Rodeo’s robust 51cc 2-cycle engine. The strength is truly brutal for any cutting job although it may not be as mind-blowing as some other saws with which you may have worked before. This strength for cutting natural items is also contributed by the tough crankcase of professional grade as well as the sprocket.

The engine together with the Oregon low-kickback 18-inch bar almost tends to overshadow the most powerful claim of Poulan Pro. Although the difference is of 1cc, the specifications tend to make this Remington model’s performance equal to that of Poulan Pro when combined with a bit shorter bar.

Regardless of what nature puts forward, this tool with its solid construction as well as lasting die-cast chassis can give you what you want from efficient cutting. This ensures you of durability even if you use the saw for heavy-duty cutting tasks.

Weight, Ergonomic Handle, and Anti-vibration Mechanism

Coming to the design, the handle is ergonomic but the overall build is not lightweight to add to the comfort level. Nevertheless, there is no compromise with the desired comfort level. This is because the saw weighs 25 pounds, which does not make it a monster but more suitable, as some weight is beneficial while dealing with big tasks.

Both handles at front and back come with an anti-vibration mechanism that keeps as much as vibration at bay, which certainly adds to the comfort level. At the same time, the anti-vibration handle gives its best shot to control vibration so that you enjoy a comfortable usage without any fatigue while operating this powerful machine for longer periods.

QuickStart Technology

Although the tool comes with the traditional ‘prime and pulls’ mechanism for startup, it also features QuickStart technology due to which it becomes easier to pull-start the engine. This technology employs the mechanism of electronic ignition, which ensures a godsend startup, particularly in damp conditions. It also does not need a compression release valve. However, there have been some complaints with respect to startup but this can be because of some operator error as a tough start-up is almost like a recurrent experience in several gas models. In short, you can have a reliable start in any condition.
More Technological Features

Modern technology is also reflected through an automatic chain oiler that is adjustable as well as a heavy-duty carrying case. These are commonly found in other latest gas chain saws as well. The automatic oiler ensures steady lubrication to the chain and bar for rendering a smooth cutting experience. And yes, there is also a 2-step auto choke that is responsible for setting the choke position automatically as well as choking in a way to ensure quick warm-up.


The Remington RM5118R Rodeo chainsaw comes with safety features that are common to all models nowadays. Mounted atop the handle is the stop button and is located in the dual trigger’s front, allowing it to be a bit easier to reach it than the button on a few other saws. There is also an inertia chain brake that minimizes the impact of a kickback in terms of injuries. It does so by halting the chain movement reflexively, whenever a kickback occurs. Moreover, big bucking spikes also ensure controlled cutting.


• Sold build
• Easy startup even in a wet condition
• Reduced kickback and vibration; no kickback if used properly
• Easy to use and maintain
• Comfortable
• Faster cutting
• Not that heavy; manageable
• No leaking
• Reliable and safe
• Long-lasting of gas and oil tank for quite a while
• Fully assembled
• Durable
• Ergonomic handle
• Convenient carry case
• CARB compliant
• More warranty period

• Cheap chain; need re-sharpening frequently
• Warm after prolonged use
• Leaking a bit but occasionally
• A bit loud while cutting


With durable construction and great power although not the highest, the Remington RM5118R Rodeo saw is certainly a perfect choice for cutting firewood, tackling debris at a yard or due to cyclones, and trimming medium to big trees. You can easily and quickly cut pinon pines and dead junipers into firewood size as well as a 24-inche tree of oak or elm, without any hesitation.For the price at which it is available, it can be surely a great value for money because it has the capability to offer everything you need or expect from a saw. For any professional or a householder near the woods, it is simply the best part that the saw can start in all conditions without compromising with its durability and smooth performance.

Many satisfied customers who agree to buy this Remington model again or recommend it to anyone support all the aforementioned facts about this tool. This itself is a testimony to the saw’s reliability as well as capability. It is also true that some of them have reported issues with durability and noise level, but the total number of such complaints is just a few.Overall, this gas model is a perfectly functional tool with less vibration and more efficiency, which is ideal for light to heavy-duty jobs.