Make a Chainsaw Carrying Case

There is probably a little do it yourself in every one of us. The majority of us like to take the opportunity to fix or do things for ourselves. This is just part of human nature, to take an opportunity where we can do something to make our life a little bit easier.

A lot of us love to do manual kinds of work around our homes. This includes such things as making additions onto our homes, cutting down trees, or even putting up a fence. All of these are amazing tasks that can really improve the look of our home and the quality of our lives.

One of the handiest tools that a person can have in his arsenal is a chainsaw. This allows the person to cut wood and other materials properly and safely, so that a job can be done much faster and more efficiently. The chainsaw is definitely a very handy tool to have.

The problem with it is that it is not very easy to lug around places. Because of its awkward design and the concern for safety there really is not a very handy chainsaw carrying case that a person can use to take this tool with them wherever they go. Fortunately, if you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, then you can create your own chainsaw carrying case that can handle the job for you.



First of all, it begins with an understanding that you need a large enough container to be able to hold the chainsaw itself. Many chainsaw’s bases can be quite bulky. This means that you need a rather large container to be able to hold the base itself, while still being able to protect it from being damaged. While safety is a major concern of whatever you create, you also want to be able to protect the chainsaw itself. What this means is that you want some kind of container that is hard enough to be able to protect the chainsaw from being damaged during transport.

The perfect kind of container, believe it or not, is a common milk container. You don’t see these used a lot anymore, but for years milk was transported and delivered in these hard plastic cube looking containers. They are very handy carrying a wide variety of things because of their sturdy construction and easy to grasp handles, and so you can regularly find these in a wide variety of places. Many stores sell these containers for people that like to use them.

back openning

The container itself is ideal for holding the base of the chainsaw. Where you would begin is by cutting out a section on the two sides opposing each other in the container itself. What you were looking to do is to be able to fit the base in the center the handle to one side and have the blade come out the other. With a little bit of cutting and manipulating you can make this work easily.


What you will probably find is that by cutting out one side altogether this will work perfectly for the handle side of the base. Now all you need to do is to cut a small slit on the opposing side that you would just push the blade portion through. This secures the blade in place, and gives you added protection for the chainsaw itself.

front open

When cutting the backside you want to make sure that you leave approximately 1 ½ inches from the bottom still intact. This is very important. Much like you cut a slit in the opposing side to slide the blade through, you were going to cut out a small portion of this lip that you leave so that the handle can tightly fit into it, securing the chainsaw in place. What you will do is cut out a small portion of that lip, just large enough to fit the handle directly into it, so that it is securely in place. This acts as a locking mechanism to hold your chainsaw from sliding as you carry it.

Believe it or not, you are actually done in creating your chainsaw carrying case. You can either grab one handle on one side or the other carry it, or you could place some kind of bar across the top of the container to act as a handle for you. Either way, you’re carrying case is created and it probably only cost you a few dollars and maybe 30 minutes of your time.