Husqvarna 450 18-Inch 2-Cycle Gas Powered Review

Using a gas-driven saw is not for the faint-hearted; however, you need one if you are set on to save your hard-earned dollars for doing high-medium to low-level sawing tasks by yourself. In this situation, you can rely upon the Husqvarna 450 chainsaw with the smart start. It is a powerful as well as versatile saw showcasing strength while dealing with several demands in the situation of trimming the garden, refurbishing the lawn, and cutting trees.

With 3.2 HP engine and the maximum speed of 9600 RPM, this robust chainsaw is made for those who look only for the best capabilities in their saws. Although it is a gas saw to release emissions, its built-in engine simply reduces the emission level while generating a great amount of power. This much power is enough for slicing and dicing a tree of good medium size, occasionally. However, it is not for felling those giant redwoods throughout the day, which is actually a professional chore of a lumberjack who usually has an extensive collection of flannel and tools such as a big double-bladed axe.

Design and Ergonomics

The ergonomic design is ideal for user comfort, which the Husqvarna 450 model certainly has! The design is also well balanced due to which it is easy to use and handle the tool for the longer time. The handles in the optimal positions ensure a great grip, even if you cut in a downward motion or side to side.

There is also an ergonomic trigger and asymmetrical rear handle for boosted comfort while at work. With a weight of 11 lbs, it might not seem to be so bulky but it may get somewhat tiresome if used for a non-stop extended period, particularly at the time of awkward cuts. Moreover, you can achieve the right balance for ease to use.

18-inch Chain and Guide Bar

This tool is optimized for delivering powerful performance with the 18-inch bar designed for ensuring proper distribution of weight and balance. However, for enjoying an extra dose of versatility, you can even use a bar ranging from 13 to 20 inches, essential for bigger tasks or smaller jobs demanding more precision.

The pitch of the chain is .325 inches due to which the saw can work as per its promise. It’s speed is 56.89 feet per second, which is quite typical for a 450 model. However, the chain comes with some new features such as quick bar assembly and efficient tool-less chain tensioning.

While there is no transparent window to check the level of oil, there is an automatic chain lubrication mechanism. Further, the design mechanism is such that the fuel tank dries out before the chain oil reservoir as long as the correct oil is used. This ensures that the tool does not run without the chain oil.

Reliable, Powerful Engine

The 3.2 Horsepower engine is CARB compliant meaning the engine reduces fuel intake by up to 30% as well as emission level by 60%. This is because the engine implements the brand’s special X-Torq technology that is responsible for such a dramatic reduction in emitting harmful agents and pollutants.

Safety Features

Using a chainsaw can be dangerous as any task in close proximity to it can invite the risk of getting injured or getting a cut. To keep these risks at bay, the brand has incorporated several features in its 450 model.

To keep injury due to kickback at bay, the chainsaw comes with an inertia-activated chain brake. This is perhaps the most critical safety feature a gas-based chainsaw should offer. After all, kickbacks are mostly responsible for several chainsaw-related injuries.

To activate the brake, you just have to push the front hand guard while starting the saw. However, this can also happen automatically. The saw’s design is such that the kickback mechanism shall force you to move your hand over the hand guard positioned in a way such as to keep away your hand from coming close the chain in case the grip gets lost. Kickback will occur while working with tough gnarls but the risk of injury or cut is significantly minimized.

Another safety feature is throttle lockout, preventing you from triggering the throttle accidentally. This indicates that the throttle locks safely and requires your purposeful action for opening. Similarly, there is a chain catcher for capturing the chain in case it snaps or jumps off the bar. However, these issues shall never arise, if you always keep the chain rightly maintained as well as tensioned.

Another security utility is the right-hand guard for protecting your right hand when the chain snaps or jumps off. This is in the rear handle. Moreover, it also prohibits the foliage and branches from interfering with the grip.

Last but not the least; there is a vibration dampening system that controls vibration levels. This is essential, as otherwise a prolonged exposure to too much vibration can harm nerves in the arms and hands to cause disabling disorders. Kindly note that cutting hardwoods or with a blunt chain produces more vibration than cutting softwoods or with a rightly sharpened chain.

Moreover, vibration damping units are used to insulate the cutting equipment and engine as the vibration generating components from the handles. This minimizes your exposure to harmful and tiring vibrations.

For extra convenience, there is an auto return stop switch along with a translucent fuel level.

• Lightweight and compact
• Low fuel consumption
• Less emission
• Great cutting power
• Easy to start and stop
• Easy to handle
• Low vibration
• No overheating
• Excellent cleaning
• Better control and safety
• Pre-mix fuel cans included
• CARB compliance
• Comprehensive instruction manual

• Black lock case jamming at times
• Lock slipping at times
• Kickback issue
• Heavy duty, not for beginners


This impressive 18-inch saw fueled by gas and oil is perfect for woodland owners as well as for those who have to cut out of need, and not as a daily profession. With its Smart Start feature, fuel efficiency, and X-Torq engine, starting and using this chainsaw is a powerful cinch. Although it is designed to be light, it is certainly not for easy use by amateurs, in terms of safety reasons.