How to use chainsaw mill to cut logs

Chainsaws are among the most versatile and durable cutting tools in the market. Over time, however, rocks and dirt obstructions can dull the blades of your chainsaw. The tool used for sharpening chainsaw blades is called a chainsaw mill. The mill consists of several parts, including a notched surface where you put the chainsaw blade and adjust the depth and angle. Sharpening became a grinder or mill stones deposit, we descend on the blade. Chainsaw mills vary from the model. However, the same basic principles of use apply to most brands.

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And no longer need you stick to your budget which allows you to pine or spruce. Finally, you can have some of the more exotic woods. Now you’ll be able to saw planks from your backyard. This is a great way to recycle dead trees, or you selectively connect your home. Now, instead of letting rot the trees, you can mill.

You can buy a saw mill or make one by yourself.

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  • Consult the manual work for your saw and chainsaw mill to determine the size you need, and the depth and the angle at which you need to set your chain.
  • Install the appropriate deposit stone on your chainsaw grinder. Deposit facility stone varies slightly with different models of grinders. However, there is usually a central screw or bolt in the middle of the wheel that holds the wheel in place. This can usually be removed by loosening it with a screwdriver or a wrench.
  • Put the chainsaw blade between two metal guide rails and tighten it with the hand knob at the base of your machine.
  • Set the depth and angle of the mill according to your type of chainsaw blade and the guidelines in the manual instruction for the mill. Push the lever of the machine to ensure that the settings look correct.
  • Set the wheel against the first tooth, you’re going to sharpen and lower the safety shield in place.
  • Power up the chainsaw mill and sharpen the first tooth of the blade of your chainsaw.
  • Unscrew the guide rails once the top of the first tooth is sharp, turn the chain upside down and refine the other side of the same tooth. Continue this process until you have sharpened all the teeth of the blade of your chainsaw.

Tips & Warnings

When you use your chainsaw mill, make sure that it is placed on a flat, level surface – such as a work bench – to ensure a sharpening job aligned.