How to Replace a Chainsaw Chain

All of us love our mechanical tools, and the chainsaw is no different. This is a very handy device that we can use to be able to assist us with a wide variety of chores we wish to do around our house. From cutting tree branches to chopping wood this is a very handy device that can cut your work time significantly.

What a great piece of machinery, like any other device of this nature, it will have the capability to break down at times or to have maintenance that needs to be done to keep it running at peak efficiency. One of the main parts of the chainsaw that may need to be replaced at times is to change itself. This will wear down or break at times and require you to replace it. However, many of us are not really sure how to go about doing this. If you want to know how to replace a chainsaw chain here is some step-by-step instructions for you.

The first thing you want to do is ensure you have the proper chain to fit your brand and type of chainsaw. Be aware that using the wrong chain for your tool can actually be extremely hazardous. Therefore making sure you have the right one for you is imperative.

Once you have the right chain selected your next step is to remove off the old chain from your chainsaw. This begins by removing the guide bar side panel from the main assembly of the chainsaw. Most chainsaws come with a special tool that is used to help you remove this. This is not always to case, however, but you should be aware that a common crescent wrench will do the trick for you. Remove both nuts from the panel. That will make it so that you can remove off the outer casing.

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The next step is to release the tension on the chain itself. There is usually attention screw inside the base assembly which you loosen to allow the chain tension to loosen as well. This will allow you to remove off the chain quite easily. Once the tension is loosened you simply slide off the chain until it is completely off of the chainsaw assembly.


The next step is to thread the new chain onto the saw itself. What you want to do is to make sure that each link of the chain is placed in one of the teeth on the guide bar. If you find that there is access links or if you do not have enough links to go on to the guide bar and you may not have the proper chain. If this is the case you will need to replace this chain with one that is proper for your chainsaw.


If you do have the right chain than simply threaded around the guide bar and tell it is completely on the guide bar itself. Taking your screwdriver you then want to start screwing the tension screw back into the base and tell the chain is taut on the guide bar.


As a note, you do not want to make the tension to tight. This can cause the chain to snap while in use which can be very dangerous to you. You should be able to pull the chain slightly away from the guide bar without it coming off of any of the teeth on the guide bar. This will tell you that you have properly allocated the right tension on the screw.

Once you are done with this, your next step is to simply replace the side panel back onto the main base assembly. Place the nuts back on the case and tighten it to ensure that it is snug against the base of the chainsaw.

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Believe it or not, in just a matter of a few minutes you have replaced the chain on your chainsaw. It really is that simple a process to perform this task. I know many of us believe that we cannot accomplish things like this on her own, but the reality of it is that many repairs and maintenance that you could do on your chainsaw are things you can do on your own. You have just seen an example of this.

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