How to make a chainsaw mill

There are a variety of ways to the tips of the trees. Most of them require expensive equipment. You can get working or you can purchase a portable mill for your backyard. The problem is a portable mill will cost you thousands of dollars.

But wait, there’s another choice. Did you know that you can use your chain saw to your own advice? All you need is a large saw and a special device that fits over the chain saw bar and you can make any type of card you want. The good news is that it costs you a few cents per card. This device is called a chain saw woodworking machine and can grind through a shaft. It does not matter how more, how hard, size, thickness, or what size.

All it takes is a bit of steel and bolts. To make the mill you will need a rectangular frame that is just a little shorter than the length of the chain saw. And of course, you will need to weld. The plans for the construction of your plant can be found online without any problems.


  • Refer to the operation of the welding rod manual to find out the proper shaft sizes for the metal.

Keep the welding rod vertical of about 20 degrees. Crossing the square slightly scratching the electrode tip and steel stock 1-inch channel and then quickly increase the tip about 1/4 inch higher up the metal. Holding the rod so that it creates an angle of about 70 or 80 degrees and striking a curve to weld the frame until it is slightly shorter than the chainsaw. Remember during striking that you have removed the rod calmly and keep the arc at the same distance as the diameter of the electrode.

  • Mill two recesses the ends of the frame which are opposite to each other in the middle. Solder two pieces of round – shaped pipes in these gaps, the same process as in Step 1. These tubes serve as sleeves to adjust the round tubes.
  • Weld two square pieces of tubular stock in the middle to the ends of round pipes using the same process as in step 1. Solder the middle of a steel plate of 3/8 inch on the lower side of the center stock square tubing.
  • Measure 1 inch in the center of square tube in both directions. Mark these two points and then drill a 5/16 inch hole on each routing for a tap of 3/8 inch. Position the steel plate under the square tube, making sure it is placed right in the middle. Create two holes with a drill in the existing holes in the steel plate and the square tube. This sheet will be the saw surface bolting bar.
  • take the bar off the body of the saw. Drill two holes on the ends of the 2 bars, aligning the holes in the square tube stock. Position the rectangular frame on the round tube. Then place the bar on the body of the saw.
  • Put around half of the round and around pipes a clamp. Place one just above the first.
  • Measure the distance between the rectangular frame and the bar of the chain saw. You can correct the thickness of the board by fastening or loosening the clamps and moving up or down the tube.

Tips & Warnings

When using a chainsaw, remember to use safety glasses.

Use protective shield like helmet, goggles, gloves, glove, leather jacket, and rubber- boots when using the welder.