How to Install a Locked Sprocket Plate on a Chainsaw

Knowing how to install a locked sprocket plate on a chainsaw is not a difficult task; however people find it hard to remove it correctly. In this article, we will provide you tips to remove rightly and you can, of course, install it again with a reverse respectively order.

A sprocket plate on a chainsaw is a circular slotted hole along the outer ring metal part. The pinion drives your chain Poulan, so it is essential that the pinion is in good condition to ensure safe and efficient cutting. It may be time to change gear in your chainsaw if the chain is in the constant union or be thrown from the bar during cutting.

Difficulty level: Easy

Things You Need


  1. Turn off the Poulan chainsaw, and release the chain brake lever, pull the chain brake. The chain brake is plastic rod located in the upper body and is located in between the bar and the accelerator. With a gloved hand, turn the chain to secure the chain brake is off.
  2. Use a wrench to remove the screws on the faceplate bar found against the muffler. Remove the cover from the faceplate. Loosen the bar, clamp screw to release the chain from the bar. The turnbuckle is in between the mounting bars and the faceplate bar. Turn the screw clockwise to release tension. Remove the chain and bar, and set aside.
  3. Use a piece of rope or pulling the rope to lock the handle. Push the rope or chord in the hole. The spark plug hole must be located on top of the engine body. Push down until it locks the piston to move, which will keep the shaft design to allow you to exit clutch.
  4. Remove the clutch plate and the clutch, which is under the clutch plate and a circular metal spring inside shaped like a butterfly. Loosen the screw in the center of the clutch by turning clockwise with the screwdriver.
  5. Remove the sprocket, which is circular and attached to a star or six-sided star, which is part of the clutch drum. The sprocket and clutch drum must be easily removed. Throw away the old gear. If the clutch drum is also heavily chipped and worn, replace that too.
  6. Place the new sprocket on the clutch drum in the same place. Place the clutch drum, with the gear in place within the motor housing. Set the clutch again at the top of the clutch drum and sprocket. Turn the clutch bolt left to connect them all to the engine. Replace the clutch plate on the clutch. Pull the string and rope spark plug hole.
  7. Replace the bar and chain.

Tips & Warnings

If the clutch and the clutch disc are stuck in a place on your Poulan chainsaw, you may need to gently pound the screwdriver with a hammer to release the lock.

Remove the clutch in one piece so you do not have to remount that too.