How to clean chainsaw chain and break

Regular maintenance of the machine ensures its safety and proper operation for years. The two parts that need the most care are the chain and break so knowing how to clean chainsaw chain and break is very important if you use chainsaws regularly.

An individual must not have a significant failure for ten to twenty years of occasional use, it is sufficient to use a systematic maintenance.


The chainsaw is one of the agricultural portable devices that have most contributed to working comfort and time saving to achieve cutting wood outdoors. Much faster than the felling ax or boilerplate. If we, as the sharp old tools, maintain a good cutting capacity by frequent sharpening, it adds the maintenance of the engine, its power, and its revisions.


  1. A chainsaw consists of two essential parts:

The cutter bar which carries the cutting chain and the engine block, responsible for driving the rotating movement of the chain around the edge of the cutter bar. It is, therefore, necessary to remove the chain, proceed in order and start with the main unscrew nut securing the clamping plate to secure the cutter bar on the engine block.

  1. Then remove the clamping plate that holds the cutter bar and discovers the internal system drive and chain tension.

note: Wearing gloves is mandatory when handling chain

  1. For manual operation of the chain, wear gloves because the sharp tips and concave cutting teeth can cause deep wounds, even when stationary.
  2. To remove the chain cutter bar guide groove, you must first fully loosen the chain tension adjustment screw, which lies just inside the edge of the cutter bar and accessible only with a screwdriver.
  1. Once completed the full release of the tension of the cutter bar, it becomes easy to lift the chain, always with gloves, and out of the guide rail.

The string is soaked in an oil bath

  1. This disassembly is not required by the need sharpening but by the cleaning of the chain which rapidly accumulates layers of wood sap (when green) and lubricating oil, which impairs the ability to cut its teeth. It is, therefore, essential for continuous daily work to dismantle the chain at night and soak in an oil bath before the brush vigorously (at the back of the cutting direction) and go back the next day.

Maintenance and cleaning of the chain brake and guide

The chain brake must be thoroughly cleaned before use. Just apply grease to the chain by ensuring that the gear is positioned above the top of the guide bar. After using the saw, you can do clean chain lubrications so that it suffers no friction at the next use. The guide is delicate; it is wise to change it regularly to prevent it from breaking. Remember to change your chainsaw if they become too worn.

The chainsaw guide is a key piece to the extent that it ensures proper rotation and straight chain, enabling the machine to cut the wood well. First, you must remove the saw for the taking of direct cleaning guide. As the chain moves repeatedly on trees, whiskers form on the chainsaw guide. To remove it, you must file them.

Maintenance after use of the chainsaw

The maintenance continues after you turn off your saw. The key is, primarily, to clean the machine components. To eliminate, an anti-resin product is advised. If you do not have this product, you can clean this element with another substitute: gasoline works fine, make sure all the same to wipe the machine then (with a dry cloth).