GreenWorks 20312 DigiPro G-MAX Review

Are you tired of using a gas chainsaw? Do you feel troublesome because of the noise, gas fumes, vibration, and high maintenance? If yes, then you need an electric chainsaw. However, having one such model comes with a restriction of limited cord range. If this is something that you do not want, then a cordless model is an ideal choice.

Are you a homeowner with average sawing tasks? In that case, the 40v power of GreenWorks 201312 DigiPro G-Max chainsaw can prove to be an ideal choice. Many of us feel that a cordless power tool is always low in terms of power and high in terms of price. However, this is not the case with this model. This GreenWorks model is actually a highly robust chainsaw having an excellent battery packing in much punch in its small body. That’s because the battery is of 40 volts ideal for light as well as medium sawing tasks around the backyard or home, although not as powerful as 80v battery for other chainsaws made for difficult sawing jobs.

Nevertheless, this model has a really powerful and efficient G-MAX battery that does its chores without triggering any dissatisfaction. Even efficient is its motor that keeps noise away, which also keeps the chaos of your neighbors away. This is something that a gas chainsaw cannot ensure.

Let’s look at the model’s most interesting features.

Brushless Motor

This is perhaps the most unique feature of this GreenWorks cordless chainsaw. Being more efficient than any standard electric motor, the brushless motor generates less noise as well as vibration. Both of these are perhaps the major limitations of gas chainsaws. Considered as a relatively novel mechanism, this motor performs better than a conventional counterpart, which simply removes a myriad of inconveniences in the process.

The absence of brushes indicates no rubbing, which is the main reason why there is control on both noise and vibration. While noise is negligible, the vibration level is reduced 70%. This ensures more comfort together with less fatigue for better as well as longer sawing. Even migraines and aches are eliminated.

Further, because the friction is reduced significantly, the brushless motor generates less heat. This simply increases the lifespan of the tool, which is actually more than other chainsaws. Moreover, optimal operation is enjoyable along with less maintenance requirements in between, thus ensuring zero interruption.

Great Power and Comfortable Ergonomics

The brand claims that a single battery charge is sufficient enough to cut a full twine of wood but it seems to be a bit ambitious. However, chances are high for you to get close to that output in real world, although a myriad of variables tend to affect it. Nevertheless, you can truly get 100 cuts per charge. Usually, a 2Ah G-MAX battery charges in one hour, while a 4Ah battery charges in 2 hours, which is more efficient than some lithium-ion batteries taking 3.5 hours to charge.

The brushless motor generates 30% more torque, enabling you to cut through hard and soft wood speedily and without major strain. This ensures working at leisure without bothering about power drain, regardless of whether you are a home user or professional. Another commendable point is that the battery of this brand is compatible with other power tools of GreenWorks such as lawn mower and leaf blower.

Sturdy, 16-inch Chain Bar

This model has a 16-inch Oregon bar, which is more than most corded and cordless chainsaws having a 14-inch counterpart. You can, therefore, expect a long reach for handling large wood having a diameter of 12-inches.

Moreover, the chain is also sturdy enough to deliver a perfect as well as smooth cut. It is a fact that the measurement of 16 inches is yet not the longest one, even in an electric chainsaw. However, this medium length is capable of doing a lot of tree cutting jobs done in a second. Moreover, even the novices can handle such a length.

The biggest benefit of having such a medium-sized chainsaw is the ease of use, as trimming even largest branches is just simple. This is something that even a moderate-sized gasoline chainsaw may not necessarily ensure. It should be kept in mind that you can obtain up to 20 inches or even larger chain bar in case of a gas model as well as a few electric models. However, the bar lengths in case of cordless models are usually smaller.

Lightweight But Not Relatively

Due to bar size and typically large battery, this model is a bit heavier than the other electric models. However, at 11 lbs, it is simply not bulky, by any means. In fact, it is slimmer than the 12″ chainsaws of GreenWorks.

Safety Features

Along with power and efficiency, the GreenWorks 20312 DigiPro chainsaw ensures security. There is a push-button start system to power off the tool instantly once the trigger is released. This reduces the impact or risk of probable accidents. The tool also has a chain brake for stopping the chain instantly, when a kickback occurs. A sturdy guard is also added for prevent contact with debris and other flying objects. And yes, there are also metal bucking spikes for ensuring more stability when cutting.

Maintenance Features

Maintenance is actually reduced due to the novel style and design, especially in the form of brushless motor minimizing the wear and tear. There is also an automatic oiling chamber that reduces friction while dispensing oil at work. This further saves effort and time. In addition, automated tension is effortless due to two tensioning adjustment dials on the right.


  • Cordless
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Versatile
  • No assembly required
  • Easy to use
  • Butter like cutting
  • Not noisy
  • More cuts in single charge
  • Extra safety
  • No emissions
  • Maximum warranty


  • Expensive
  • Not so better battery life
  • Tooled tensioning although working with compatible GreenWorks tools


Consider getting this chainsaw for cutting wood having a diameter of up to 10″ or an occasional large tree having a diameter of up to 26″. This cordless is actually also ideal for felling trees, limbing, firewood cutting, pruning, and clearing brush. You can even find it efficient for clearing fallen trees or storm debris.