Echo CS-400 18″ Review

It is possible that you may not have heard about the Echo brand but it is interestingly one of the reputed names for offering highly performing and quality outdoor equipment. When it comes to chainsaws, the brand offers an impressive collection for light as well as tough jobs. The Echo CS-400 gas saw is designed for professional woodcutters who encounter the toughest cutting jobs.

For example, you can cut up to five big Kiawe trees that are usually very hard wood, like butter, without adjusting the tension on the chain even once. Similarly, with the ease, power, and quality of this saw, you can even cut cedar trees whose diameter is up to 8″.

Moreover, you can expect to cut thousands of small trees or just 14 hardwood trees with a circumference of 20 inches and height of 40 inches as well as firewood logs in just three years. Moreover, you can even clean much of those fallen trees having a diameter as thick as 20 inches. Well, this is heavier use but the performance is just fine enough to amaze you.

Such performances are certainly due to the Echo’s build featuring a hardcore engine for heavy-duty tasks to be done occasionally. Chain saws from Echo offer trouble-free as well as lasting performance, which this model proves rationally.

Echo CS-400 is a lightweight but powerful tool to deal with tough chores. It feels strong as well as sturdy with a well-built plastic frame as well as a handle of metal and coated with rubber to ensure shock isolation without losing control. There is no peeling as well. Moreover, the saw starts quickly in just three or four pulls while it is cold; and just half a pull when the tool gets hot. It has a variety of other handy features as well.

Vortex Engine with Power Boost Capability
This 40.2 cc, 2-stroke engine offers ample of power for hard jobs. It comes with a side-access tensioner for chain, which facilitates effortless as well as rapid adjustments. The location of this tensioner is so convenient that it makes necessary adjustments quite easy, as per the kind of task as well as its complexity. This makes the chain highly adjustable.

At the same time, the 18-inch chain ensures that cutting the wood is quite smooth and pleasant, which is essential for those who are likely to use a chain saw several times in a day. Moreover, it is also easy to tighten the chain having a tip guard.

Automatic Adjustable Oiler
It is known that it is essential to ensure proper oiling of the chain on a regular basis but this is now no longer required because of the automatic oiler. It takes care of keeping the chain greased all the time. Now, there is no need for you to keep checking the lubrication. Instead, you can focus on the main activity, which simply increases your work efficiency. The oiler also contributes its part in increasing the chain’s overall shelf life as well as in saving time in cutting the wood cutting without any hassles as well as smoothly. Moreover, the tool package comes with included engine oil.

G-Force Air Pre-Cleaner
The heavy-duty air filter is certainly one of the most critical parts of a chain saw. This is because it adds up to the engine’s lifespan. The Echo CS-400 gas chain comes with a truly user-friendly air filter. This filter removes all possible dust and debris easily, which facilitates quick cleaning as well. As a result, filter maintenance becomes quite effective.

Further, this power tool has an air pre-cleaner as well as a cover, both of which you can remove easily without using any kind of tools. The cleaner removes all dirt before air filtration. Moreover, the saw comes fully assembled, meaning you can use it straightaway once you remove out of the box.

Note: It is essential for you to read how to adjust the chainsaw and tune it to safeguard the engine. Otherwise, the EPA with the exhaust’s catalytic converter clogs up and simply puts a restriction on the power. After running some tanks of gas, take away the limiter caps using a screw after which you should tune the tool. This removal task is quite easy. However, if your dealer is good, this task is already done for you.


  • Lighter
  • Faster
  • Easy and quicker to start in max 3 pulls
  • Smooth acceleration
  • Great engine power
  • Well balance
  • Perfect performance, even when hot
  • Simple, logical controls
  • No need to adjust chain tensioning again and again
  • Improved comfort and control
  • Little to no vibration
  • High chain lifespan
  • Possible to cut in different positions
  • Easy to access and clean air filter
  • Durable
  • Not so loud
  • CARB compliant


  • Narrow bar
  • A bit tough to open fuel cap


Consider this chainsaw for occasional tree trimming and cutting, and even cutting timbers having a diameter of up to 24 inches. You will not have to put any significant efforts here; thanks to the power and balance that this saw maintains. It is true that the tool is light in weight but is quite robust enough to handle big tasks. You can cut all logs for gathering sticks for heating two households because of the power and a solid construction. It is also possible to make efficient, thick cuts. This tool is a little lighter as well as starts quickly with just a fewer steps than a Stihl.

Suitable even for a backup, this saw is actually not for cutting big trees or those winter firewood. What I mean is that it can be your backup but not as a primary saw. It is more suitable for limbing and freeing your stuck primary saw from a big tree. Moreover, do not consider this tool if you are planning for a lot of cutting. This is because the bar is smaller; in fact, narrower than the standard size, which gives a tiny chain.