Best Top Handle Chainsaw

Unconvinced about the best top handle chainsaw? There are, indeed, a series of products out there. Some of them are clearly better than others, but they also cost more. Buying randomly is not necessarily your best choice because you risk getting a chainsaw that will not meet your necessities. Instead, you have to do your homework. Figure what you plan to use it for, then consider its specifications. A few top handle chainsaw reviews are just as handy from this point of view. Learning from others’ experience can give you some hints about what to expect, not to mention the pros and cons.

Just like any other type of chainsaw, this one has its own advantages as well, but also a few drawbacks. Generally speaking, top handle chainsaws are usually a little smaller than regular handles. From this point of view, they are more appropriate for light tasks – residential or domestic. You are less likely to find such things in large businesses, unless they also deal with small applications. Given the small size, such chainsaws are clearly lighter too. They weigh less than electric or battery operated chainsaws, as well as two or three times less than gasoline operated chainsaws. Maneuvering them is extremely simple as well. They do not put too much pressure on your arms, so fatigue is less likely to bother you.

When the handle is on top, you also gain some extra balance. At the same time, these chainsaws can be easily used with just one hand. They are more helpful to those who simply cannot use both hands. For example, if you need to climb on a tree to cut the dead limbs and use one hand to support yourself, the top handle chainsaw is ideal for this operation.

On a negative note, these top handle chainsaws also have some drawbacks. For instance, using the chainsaw with one hand is one of the first contraindications in the training. No professional will ever recommend doing that, yet almost everyone does it when the situation asks for it. There are more controversies on this rule though. After all, it can be easily combated with the extra stability and less risks given by the design.

In the end, top handle chainsaws are mandatory sometimes and may represent your only solution, yet their uses vary from one owner to another.

There are more things to think about when interested in buying a top handle chainsaw. Most importantly, you have to determine your actual necessities. Ask yourself – what do you plan to use it for? Most people would need this chainsaw for one hand operations. For example, when they climb on a tree, they will have to use one of the hands for balance. In this case, the top handle option is great. Many others do it for the balance, yet it is imperative to be careful.

The actual features are supposed to match your needs. The more convenient this thing is, the better. However, be careful about the budget as well. Buy the best thing you can afford, even if you can find cheaper and less reputable products that will meet your necessities. They may not necessarily be able to raise to your expectations.

When you use a chainsaw with one hand, vibration becomes your most dangerous enemy. Therefore, some anti-vibration features become the most important things in the process. They also reduce fatigue and add to your comfort. You require an easy start too, so avoid those things that demand a high pulling force.

Pay special attention to the oiling procedures. An automatic oiler can lubricate the chain by itself, so you do not have to remember such details. In terms of safety, you need a chain brake. Basically, it stops the chain by itself whenever it experiences abrupt moves, not to mention harsh impacts. On the same note, opt for a low kickback bar and chain. The lower they are, the lower the risk to get hit is. If the chainsaw is forced back and up out of nowhere, it might catch you unprepared.

Top 4 Top Handle Chainsaws

Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 32.2cc 14-Inch  With Pure Fire


Best Top Handle Chainsaw

It is designed to make your life easier, but without compromising power and performance. It comes with a decent 14 inch top handle, as well as a powerful engine – 32.2cc. The engine is actually designed with commercial grade purposes. If it can meet a professional’s necessities, chances are it will handle your residential and domestic tasks too. All in all, this engine is known for the clean operation, as well as the efficient fuel consumption and top-notch performance.

When it comes to starting the engine up, it has a half throttle choke with a purge primer bulb. Starting it is a breeze. Forget about extensive warm ups and sophisticated pulls. It also has an automatic oiling system, not to mention the side access to a mechanism that allows chain adjustments. It might be wise to do it before you climb a tree. All in all, adjustments are convenient and do not require any tools. Gaining full control over your cuts will be a breeze with the sprocket nose bar and Oregon chain.

Husqvarna 966997234 35.2cc Gas 14 ”


Best Top Handle Chainsaw

It is known for efficiency – in any form. Fuel efficiency will never be a problem with the X-Torq engine. At the same time, emission levels are severely reduced too. No matter what regulations you have in the area, chances are you will not face any problems at all. The oil pump is adjustable. Therefore, you gain full control over the oil flow. It depends on various applications, as well as the weather conditions. The good news is that oiling is automatic, so you will not have to worry about doing it yourself. Most newbies would forget to do it anyway.

The air filter comes with a quick release construction. Taking it out is a matter of seconds. It requires proper cleaning every once in a while. At some point, you will have to replace it too. As for the chain tension adjustment, it can be easily adjusted from one side. It does not require any experience or tools. The air filter cover also comes with a similar construction, so removing it is piece of cake when maintaining or replacing the spark plug.

Hitachi CS33EDTP 2-Stroke With PureFire Engine

Top Handle Chainsaw Reviews

It is one of the top choices for small and mild operations. This machine is excellent for newbies and hobbyists, but it can also help more experienced people in shaping or pruning. It comes with really low emission levels, as well as a 32.2cc engine. The engine goes up to 1.6HP. Although the top handle chainsaw is mostly recommended for domestic and residential uses, the truth is that the engine is produced at a commercial grade.

The chainsaw comes with a 14 inch sprocket nosed bar, as well as an Oregon chain. The good news is that vibration is limited. This is an advanced system to clear vibrations, which is imperative when working at a tall height – such as climbing a tree. You need stability, so clearing vibrations is certainly a plus. Altogether, this chainsaw weighs 12.4 pounds. It feels a little heavier for its segment, but the compact design will not overwhelm you. Besides, it is not really created for long sessions – just simple uses around the home.

Makita XCU02Z 18V X2 LXT Lithium-Ion (36V)

Top Handle Chainsaw Reviews

It is one of the most powerful top handle chainsaws on the market. Although these things are said to be less powerful, this one comes with a Makita engine that offers 1,650FPM. The cutting speed is high and built to deliver. You need two 18V LXT lithium-ion batteries to properly use this chainsaw. They offer the right amount of power, but they also add to your speed. From many points of view, this top handle chainsaw is similar to corded products.

The noise level is lower than in other units from this segment – just 89dB. If you have used other chainsaws before, you will notice the difference right away. As for the capacity, it is quite high with the 12 inch guide bar. Interested in adjusting the chain? You can do it with no tools at all. Both maintenance and operation are simple with this kind of construction. When it comes to its actual weight, this model barely goes up to 6 pounds. No force or strength is required to lift it.


As a short final conclusion, top handle chainsaws can be quite diversified. A random choice will not necessarily help too much. Instead, you have to figure what you need and expect from it. Think about your common activities too. Only then you can start analyzing products. A few reviews can give you some useful hints as well.