Best Strike Anywhere Matches

The possibility to start a fire is essential in many situations, but especially in outdoor adventures. The fire becomes critical on a camping trip, as well as an outdoor survival adventure in the wilderness. Sure, the modern individual always has a fire starter or a lighter. But then, there are situations when the nasty weather does not allow you to do it.

When it rains or the wind is too harsh, starting a fire can become challenging. Not anymore though! Finding the best strike anywhere matches can help you overcome these situations. Apart from knowing where to buy strike anywhere matches from, you should also opt for a reliable product. Now, what should you know about these innovative matches? What makes them so special?

Fire is essential for all kinds of survival uses. Nothing is more relaxing than a fire, just like nothing will work better on your morale. For example, you might need fire to heat yourself in the evening. When the weather is too cold, strike anywhere matches will help you set a friendly and warm fire close to your shelter. Be very careful if the weather is windy though. Figure the wind direction and make sure that it will not blow the fire toward your shelter – be it a tent or a small wooden shelter.

They are just as handy when you need to cook something in the wilderness. An outdoor adventure can be tricky because resources are limited, while the weather is not always cooperative. The necessity to eat is mandatory. However, unless you got some tins or nonperishable food around, you will have to hunt.

When it comes to disadvantages, it is hard to think of something. These watches strike anywhere because they are waterproof. This waterproofing procedure is quite simple. Most matches are covered with a thin layer of wax, which does not allow the water to go in. When scratched, the wax goes off and the dry match lights up. They might become useless if you keep them in a pocket or a different spot exposed to pressure. If they rub one against the other for too long, their waterproof protection can be gone. Also, some products may not resist too easily to wind, so you will have to come up with a little shelter around your upcoming fire, only to ensure that you can light it up.

Make sure that you have a thorough plan before taking a camping or hiking experience, especially if you also want the taste of survival. Knowing your expectations can help you make wiser choices regarding the accessories and gear. Strike anywhere matches may not be so useful if you go to a picnic or a barbecue with your family and you travel by car. But when you are about to spend more than one night in the wilderness, you better “arm” yourself accordingly.

Keep in mind that not all strike anywhere matches can raise to your expectations, so it might be good to rely on a popular manufacturer. You probably imagine that matches are not like smartphones or television sets, yet they do require a little research as well. Most importantly, you should know what kind of conditions they are rated to work against.

No matter what kind of project you get involved in, strike anywhere matches are better than strike on the box. Some units are covered in wax, but strike anywhere matches are tipped with phosphorous. Why? Simple! The match can be struck against all kinds of abrasive surfaces. This is what you need to look for. As long as the surface is abrasive, they can be lit. Believe it or not, they even work on the zipper. When you go into the wilderness, it is almost impossible to fail in finding some abrasive surfaces around your gear.

As for the actual number of matches, you should give yourself about 10 tries for the necessity to run a fire. If you want to set a fire in the morning for coffee, another one during the day for lunch and a third one for a campfire in the evening, you should have at least 30 matches.

Top 3 Products:


Diamond GreenLightTM Kitchen Matches come in three packs. Basically, you cannot get them individually, but just in these packs. Each pack is large enough to accommodate not less than 300 matches. Therefore, you get 900 matches for a really good price. Altogether, the whole package weighs about eight ounces, so it will not add too much to your backpack. The product is made in the USA and built to North American quality standards. Also, when compared to other, these ones are a little thicker. As a direct consequence, they guarantee for a longer burning time.



3 Boxes In Lot – Long 11″ Matches 40 In Box Fireplace Grill BBQ Candle Camping represent yet another innovative set of matches. You get 120 matches for a fairly good price, but you also gain some long sticks for longer burning times. Each match measures 11” in length, so you got plenty of time to set a fire. The extra length also allows you to start the fire in the middle of a stack. The strike-on-box design adds to the safety standards too. In other words, it will never ignite by itself, so you can prevent unexpected accidents.



Diamond Long Reach Matches 75 Count should never miss from your camping or hiking kit. These long reach matches measure around 10” in length. They are made in the USA. One package has 75 different matches. After all, you will need more of them if the weather is windy or it rains. They are made with multipurpose functions in mind, so you can use them on any occasion. They are not handy for an outdoor adventure only, but also for your indoor fireplace or maybe the hardly accessible oven. The splint is quite thick too, so the matches burn for longer periods of time.




As a short final conclusion, strike anywhere matches can become your best companions in a survival adventure. Even if it is not necessarily related to survival, these matches can still make your outdoor experience more convenient by striking virtually anywhere.

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