Best Gas Chainsaw Reviews

Gas chainsaws are quite handy around the household. You can clear dead tree limbs, not to mention getting rid of fallen trees after severe storms. You can prepare some firewood for the winter time, while wood crafting has never been easier. Some people use gas chainsaws with business purposes as well. All in all, with so many choices out there, choosing the best gas chainsaw for the money can be a little challenging. This is when you need to do your homework. Identify your necessities, find the best selling units and go through a few gas chainsaw reviews if you truly want as much as possible from this experience.

Gas chainsaws are definitely powerful. They come in all kinds of ranges. When compared to electric chainsaws, they may provide up to two or three times more power. Therefore, they can meet heavy duty necessities as well. On a different note, they got a wide variety of bar lengths, so it is up to you to figure your needs and buy something appropriate. Chances are no matter how unusual your expectations are, you will find the right bar. Bar oiling is also more advanced and efficient in gas chainsaws. Plus, they are cordless. Forget about limitations. You are free to cut wood in your backyard, as well as the wilderness. Mobility is simply unlimited.

However, gas chainsaws are not perfect, so they have a few drawbacks as well. Given the higher motors and extra power, they are heavier than their electric alternatives. Other than that, they might be up to two times noisier. Therefore, you might want some headphones if you plan to operate them for long periods of time. They constantly require gas and oil, so it might be wise to have a metallic can of gas nearby – just in case. Oil must be changed regularly too. The whole job can get a little messy until you learn how to do it. You will probably end up with some spills as well.

With these pros and cons, gas chainsaws seem extremely suitable to heavy duty operations. This is also why you are less likely to see professionals or businesses operating electric chainsaws. The extra mobility is also worth some attention. But then, it does not mean that they are too powerful for domestic uses. As long as you do not want any limitations around your home, they are ideal.

Things to Consider

There are a few general things to consider before buying a gas chainsaw. First, think about your necessities and potential uses. They are smooth, powerful, cordless and offer unlimited mobility. Do you need all these? Second, consider the safety standards. Chainsaws are associated with plenty of injuries and even some deaths year by year. Operating them asks for a lot of attention and a little practice too. The most common injuries occur if the chain snags. If the saw hits the operator, chances are they will get cut. Fortunately, many models come with specific safeguards, only to prevent these issues.

Finally, do not overlook your budget either. Avoid sacrificing performance for the price. Generally speaking, you should buy the best chainsaw for your available budget. Identify the best features and stay away from random bells and whistles – they are mostly useless.

Buying Guide

Apart from the obvious power and size, you should also hunt a few features. A reduced kickback chain is less aggressive and can prevent many accidents. Anti-vibration features are just as handy. Less vibration reduces fatigue, but it also boosts the precision and comfort. This feature is ideal if you need a lot of cutting.

Automatic oilers are almost standard these days, but you should still double check. They do not require activation, but they lubricate the chain as you operate the machine. This option adds to both your safety and the machine efficiency. Consider a chain brake as well. If the saw ends up with some abrupt impacts, it will stop by itself.

Many operators look for manual chain adjustment with no tools, so you can adjust the tension with no effort. Plus, the air cleaning feature is also handy because it adds to the air filter lifespan.

Top 5 Most Popular Gas Chainsaws On The Market:


Husqvarna 450 18-Inch 50.2cc X-Torq 2-Cycle With Smart Start

best gas chainsaw reviews

It is excellent for people who do a lot of gardening around their homes, but also for small businesses. It comes with a 3.2HP X-Torq engine. It reduces the emissions, but it also works on the fuel efficiency. As for vibrations, the patented LowVib technology keeps them under control. The effort is minimum and the effects are outstanding. The effort is also underlined by the Smart Start function. Other than that, Husqvarna’s chainsaw comes with a centrifugal air cleaning feature. It also has a snap lock cylinder cover, as well as a chain brake. The chain brake is automated and activated by inertia. It is also worth noting that the machine is CARB compliant, so it can be commercialized and used in California too.


Echo CS-400 18″

best gas chainsaw for the money

It may look small and ergonomic, but it is actually quite complex and extremely simple to operate. The machine weighs 10.1 pounds, so it is not too heavy either. It comes with a powerful 40.2cc heavy duty 2 stroke engine. Its performance leaves no room for mistakes. The starting system adds to the personal comfort. It carries the i-30TM standards and allows starting the gas chainsaw with no actual effort at all. The 18 inch bar and chain are standard and included in the package. The good news is that even if you are a first time user, you do not have to perform any sophisticated assembly. Instead, the unit is fully assembled and ready to use out of the box. The engine oil is also included in the package, while the gas must be purchased separately. Fill them up and start working.


Remington RM5118R Rodeo 51cc 2-Cycle 18-Inch

It can easily become your favorite machine in terms of cutting firewood, clearing up some large trees after a severe storm or even limbing your current ones. It is just as useful for gardening, trimming and even wood crafting. It comes with a solid 51cc 2 cycle engine, as well as the classic 18 inch low kickback bar and chain. It can start in any condition out there. You can cut wood on the harshest winter day or on a hot summer day. The QuickStart technology guarantees for easy and effortless pulls. The anti-vibration handles add to the personal comfort. You got both front and back handles. In terms of durability and design, you will love the professional grade sprocket and crankcase, not to mention the die cast chassis. These things will resist forever. The case and oil are also included in the package.


Tanaka TCS40EA18 18-Inch 40cc 2-Stroke

It is designed to take professionalism to a residential standard. It comes with a 40cc 2.4HP engine. It is built at a commercial grade, so it can withstand all kinds of operations around the household. In fact, many users rely on this gas chainsaw in small businesses as well. It also has the traditional 18 inch bar and chain. Worried about starting it up? The new S-Start technology comes in to make your life easier. The pulling force needed to start the engine is reduced by up to 50%. Chain adjusting is another important specification. You got access to the tensioner on one side. Making adjustments is simple and quick, with no actual tools required. Altogether, the unit weighs 16 pounds. It is quite lightweight for its segment. The good news is that it is also CARB compliant, so it can be commercialized in California.


Poulan Pro PP5020AV 20-Inch 50cc 2 Stroke With Carrying Case

It comes with the DuraLife engine. You may not be familiar with it, but specialists in this industry appreciate it for the long lifespan, so you should expect an impressive durability. The air filter system is just as attractive. It is extremely clean, but it also maintains by itself. It will last way more than average air filters, without causing any problems at all. How about the pull starting system? This is one of the things that people always pay attention to because not everyone has enough force. This model has an effortless system. Anyone can do it. Handles are ergonomic and comfortable. Plus, you got a reduced vibration as well. Even if you cut for too many hours, you are less likely to feel any fatigue. The chain oiler is automatic, while the package also comes with a carrying case, as well as a locking holder.



In the end, it is easy to realize what makes gas chainsaws so popular lately. But then, once you go over this part, it is your responsibility to analyze different models and figure which one would actually raise to your necessities.