Best Battery Powered Chainsaw

Chainsaws have seriously diversified lately, so there is something for everyone out there. But when you want mobility, a cordless operation and no emissions, chances are you will have to look for the best battery powered chainsaw. This is your best choice out there. Finding the optimal one is not as easy as you might expect. Most of them look alike and have similar specifications, yet they are quite different. It all begins with your personal necessities. Assess your needs, then go through the specifications and a few battery powered chainsaw reviews. Knowing what to expect from a chainsaw can open a lot of doors in the future operation.

Battery operated chainsaws are self explanatory. They run on batteries. Batteries can be recharged before or after the operation – just like your smartphone. For maximum efficiency and a longer duration, you might want to charge them for one night before the big day. This way, you can prevent any unexpected situations. The fact that they are battery operated makes them extremely mobile. Forget about cords and limited distances. You can go in the wilderness and cut some firewood if you feel like. You probably imagine that gasoline powered chainsaws are also cordless – correct. But then, their expenses add up in the long run. They are noisy, messy and ask for oil and gasoline on a regular basis. In other words, battery operated chainsaws are cleaner and also more cost efficient.

On another note, the battery operated alternative is lightweight – easy to handle, no fatigue and longer operations.

However, a battery is not all about advantages, but also about disadvantages. For example, your available time is limited. The chainsaw will stay on and run only for as long as the battery accepts it. If you need to use this machine for many hours everyday, chances are you might need to recharge it in the middle of the operation sometimes. At this point, it can become quite uncomfortable, especially as recharging it will take hours. But then, if you have a plug nearby, some units also allow operating the machine while charging it.

The power is not as high as in a gasoline powered chainsaw either. In fact, this option is said to be the least powerful one on the market. Therefore, it is mostly suitable for light tasks around the household or on camping trips – trimming small trees, getting a little firewood for the campfire and so on.

Things to Consider before Buy

Most importantly, you have to consider your actual necessities and expectations before buying a battery operated chainsaw. Get a pen and a paper, then write down what you plan to use it for. At this point, you can make more informed decisions when you can estimate the power, operation type and duration. Second, look for safety. Chainsaws are dangerous if used irresponsibly. They can seriously harm you. In fact, there are thousands of injuries reported every year, not to mention the deaths. Look for safety features regarding both the operator and the actual machine. When it comes to the machine, an automatic oiling system is ideal.

Finally, never overlook the budget either. Try to get the best machine that your money can buy, even if you find cheaper units that might match your needs.

Make sure that you get a system with a lithium-ion battery. This is the latest technology on the market and can provide a higher performance than nickel-cadmium batteries. The best part is that you will not lose the power as the battery drains out. An automatic bar oiler is highly indicated too. Keep in mind that the machine operates with a hot metal-on-metal friction. Constant lubrication is mandatory. Without it, your chain will break in no time. In terms of power, look for the amp hours, as well as the voltage. These aspects are responsible for the “muscle” required.

Chain tensioning is supposed to be done with no effort at all, so find a system that does not require any tools. Plus, never overlook the weight – with the actual battery. Many manufacturers give the weight without the battery – just a marketing gimmick.

Top 5 Most Popular Battery Operated Chainsaws


Oregon PowerNow CS250 40-volt With 4.0 Ah Battery Pack

Best Battery Powered Chainsaw reviews

It comes with a 40V MAX lithium-ion battery. It offers up to 66% more running power than other units in this segment. Believe it or not, it can hold a charge for months if not used. The start is instant. Forget about mixing gasoline and oil. Forget about pulling cords and fatigue too. There is no warm up needed. Moreover, the operation is clean and less pollutive. After all, no emissions are released around you. The system comes with the patented PowerSharp feature. What does it do? Simple! It sharpens on the saw. It runs while the machine works too. You will never need to worry about dull chains and inefficient operations. They also overload the unit and can cause a breakdown. When it comes to the noise, you got up to four times less noise than with a gasoline saw.


GreenWorks 20312 DigiPro G-MAX 40V Li-Ion 16-Inch


Battery Powered Chainsaw reviews

It brings in the DigiPro motor technology, which guarantees for premium power and exquisite performance. You can handle over 100 cuts on one charge only. The package has everything you need – the charger and 4AH battery as well. If you like crafting around, you should know that this model is compatible with the G-MAX 40V li-ion system from GreenWorks. In other words, you have plenty of tools to choose from. If you have used other battery operated chainsaws before, this one will surprise you with the power – 30% more power than other chainsaws in its category. As for the vibration, it is almost inexistent. Skip the fatigue and enjoy a more comfortable operation. User safety is also guaranteed by the chain brake and low kickback chain.


Black & Decker LCS1240 40-volt

Battery Powered Chainsaw reviews

It introduces users to a 40V Max lithium ion battery – quite common in battery operated chainsaws due to the long runtime and lifespan. This model come with a 12 inch Oregon low kickback bar and chain. It only weighs 10.4 pounds, so it should not put too much pressure on your arms. It has ergonomic and compact handles too. Maneuvering it around will always be a breeze. You do not have to worry about oiling it either. It has its own automatic oiling feature. It is mandatory for a clean operation. Otherwise, the metal-on-metal friction will break the chain before you even get to enjoy the machine. This way, you will never have to worry about it. Just make sure that it has enough oil. Finally, chain tensioning is simple and fast, mostly because you do not require any tools at all.


DEWALT DCCS690M1 40V 4AH Lithium Ion XR Brushless

Best Battery Powered Chainsaw

It brings in a solid brush-less motor. It comes with a 40V lithium 4AH battery – quite enough for most domestic and residential operations. The 16 inch Oregon low kickback bar and chain will make operations quite facile due to the large size. With all these, the weight will not disappoint you, so you can enjoy an effortless application. The chain brake for kickback protection makes your applications safer. In terms of lubrication, you can leave yourself in the reliable hands of Lubrilink and Lubriwell features. They ensure an automatic oiling procedure. Chain tensioning does not require any tools. The same goes for the bar tightening knob, which allows the right bar clamping force. Furthermore, some users will also appreciate the variable speed trigger. A little customization is always handy.



Makita HCU02C1 LXT Lithium-Ion

Best Battery Powered Chainsaw

It might look large and bulky, but it only weighs 10 pounds. Maneuvering it will be a breeze. Most users love the fact that it has no emissions, but they also appreciate the low noise – 40% quieter than an average gasoline operated chainsaw. The motor carries the Makita quality standards. It offers 1,650FPM, so the cutting speed is a front runner. You are less likely to find such standards in other battery operated chainsaws. The machine comes with a 12 inch guide bar for extra capacity. As for the chain adjustments and farther maintenance, they can be done without any tools at all. Forget about the necessity to change the spark plug. Skip the engine oil changes as well. Dirty air filters and mufflers are history, as well as the necessity to drain fuel. This model is clean and efficient.



As a short final conclusion, many battery operated chainsaws may look similar at a first glance. There are not too many varieties in the weight, not to mention the features. Then, where is the difference? Simple! Quality is not visible and no manufacturer will ever provide details about materials used for the motor or other internal parts. No one cares about them anyway. Instead, just go through a few reviews for others’ opinions too.