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 Looking For A Chainsaw? You Are In The Right Place!

My name is William and I “play” with chainsaws for more than 15 years already. I was initially attracted by chainsaws when I first saw my father cutting some firewood decades ago. Just like for any other kid, the intense sound drew my attention right away. I instantly associated the noise and the possibility to go through wood with an extensive power. After all, cutting large logs of wood is, indeed, a challenge. By 18 years old, I knew exactly how to use a chainsaw, but I also used to help my father in all kinds of projects, from firewood to cutting dead limbs around our orchard.

It only took me a few years to develop a real passion toward chainsaws. Less than five years later, I had my own business – gardening. I worked alone, but I also had three different chainsaws in my van. They had poles, more power settings and all kinds of automatic features. No tree in our neighborhood could stand a chance. I was often called to cut large trees taken down by severe storms as well, which I did in no time. I sold my business overtime, but I still work as a self-employed professional.

When it comes to personal projects, my garden looks flawless. Perhaps this is my most important aspect on the business card. People still seek help when they need it – from limbing to cutting firewood. I also love the outdoor adventure, so I always have a small chainsaw in my recreational vehicle whenever I go camping with my family. The chainsaw has become my best companion overtime. It makes no difference if I need firewood for my home, a few branches for a small fire on a camping trip or perhaps to clear a dead tree. I use the chainsaw with both passion and experience.

I have not really done the math, but I think that I have owned more than 25 chainsaws over the past years. Furthermore, I “drive tested” even more. Think about a large brand and I can immediately talk about some of its products, from front runners to less reputable brands. I have advised literally hundreds of people on the best chainsaws based on nothing but their needs and priorities. Whether they need help with a defective chainsaw or they are not sure what they truly need, I am the first person most of my friends call first. They trust my advice, as well as my extensive experience.

This website is an extension of my knowledge and experience. I love helping people out and I do not mind sharing the personal experience. I know that the chainsaw can become an excellent tool around any household, yet plenty of people are unhappy with the results due to their uninformed choices. I am here to offer exclusive and unbiased reviews on some of the front running chainsaws on the market. Go beyond the official specifications, check the features explained, as well as the pros and cons. Only then you can finally go shopping!