Best chainsaws for the money-Buying guide & reviews 2016

A chainsaw is a mechanical saw that is portable and it is used to cut using a teeth set that is attached to a chain that rotates running along a guide bar. This is a machine used in the felling of trees, pruning, bucking, and limbing. It is also used to fell nags and to assist in cutting some firebreaks during wind land fire suppression and firewood harvesting. There are some machines that have a bar and chain combinations that have been designed specially. There are also some specialist chainsaws that can cut concrete. Some can also be used for the purposes of cutting ice like in a case of ice sculpture and winter swimming.

So, what is the best chainsaw for the money to buy? It all comes down to the best choice. You need to evaluate the location and the size of the area that you will be working on and make sure that the chainsaw you go and buy will be indeed able to handle the work. You will be able to choose which the most convenient option is.

It is also important to go through chainsaw reviews so as to have an idea of how the chainsaw you want to purchase really handles the tasks that you intend for it. These reviews can be very insightful in your quest to finding that ideal chainsaw that is most suitable for the tasks at hand.

Reviews for Top Rated Chainsaws On The Market:

  • Husqvarna 450

  • Shipping: Free!
  • Gas-powered
  • 10.8 pounds
  • 18" Bar Length
  • 50.2cc
  • Remington RM5118R Rodeo

  • Shipping: Free!
  • Gas-powered
  • 25 pounds
  • 18" Bar Length
  • 51cc
  • Echo CS-400

  • Shipping: Free!
  • Gas-powered
  • 10.1 pounds
  • 18" Bar Length
  • 40.2 cc
  • Tanaka TCS40EA18

  • Shipping: Free!
  • Gas-powered
  • 16 pounds
  • 16"-18"-20" Bar Length
  • 40cc

  • Black & Decker LCS1240B

  • Shipping: Free!
  • Battery-powered
  • 8.8 pounds
  • 12" Bar Length
  • Includes 40V Battery
  • GreenWorks 20312 DigiPro G-MAX

  • Shipping: Free!
  • Battery-powered
  • 6.9 pounds
  • 16" Bar Length
  • Includes 40V Battery
  • WORX WG303.1

  • Shipping: Free!
  • Corded-electric
  • 11 pounds
  • 16" Bar Length
  • No Need
  • OREGON CS1500

  • Shipping: Free!
  • Corded-electric
  • 17.8 pounds
  • 18" Bar Length
  • No Need

1.Husqvarna 450

This one comes with a smart start and it is compliant with CARB. This is a very powerful gas powered chainsaw that is 18-inch. It is very ideal for all landowners and any other person who cuts on a less regular basis.

There is also the 3.2 HP X-Torq engine which works towards the reduction of emissions of harmful exhaust and also the increase in the efficiency of the fuel. It also has lowvib dampening. This comes with a smart start feature which is topped up with a choke stop control. This requires very little effort.
This product has a centrifugal air cleaning system. There is the chain brake which is inertia activated as well as a snap-lock cylinder cover.This is one exceptional product that can handle a lot of tasks. The X-Torq engine tells you that you can expect a lower consumption of fuel.

There is also the auto return stop switch and a fuel level that can be seen making it a chainsaw that is much easier to use and to handle. This equipment is tested thoroughly before being sent into the market.This is ideal equipment for all DIY lovers out there. It can handle the medium duty tasks like domestic cutting as well as pruning. The engine is very durable and it is designed so as to be able to last for a long time. You won’t have to take too long to start and stop the chainsaw.


2.Remington RM5118R Rodeo

This is another great gas chainsaw that can be used for cleaning, tree after storms, cutting firewood and also for climbing. It has a 55cc 2 cycle kind of engine and a bar and chain that is 18 inches and low kickback. This allows reliable starts in any kind of conditions. It also comes with the quick start technology, which makes it much easier to actually start.

There are handles which are meant to be anti- vibration situated at the back and at the front allowing the user to comfortably operate. There is also the die-cast chassis that is very durable. The sprocket and pro-grade crankcase are included and they are also very durable.

There is also a heavy duty chain oil as well as the case. All the features of this chainsaw allow it to have a very solid performance and the ability to complete even the biggest jobs. This equipment comes together with a heavy duty case for purposes of storage as well as a manual for the operation of the same.


3.Echo CS-400 18″

This comes with genuine OEM Echo parts and is a 40.2 cc professional grade with a 2 stroke engine that gives a performance that is simply outstanding. To reduce the starting effort, the i-30 TM starting system is included. There is also the 18-inch chain and bar included in this gas chainsaw. Usually, this product is shipped together with the ideal engine oil and it comes fully assembled.

This is a saw that comes with so much power and it can handle all sorts or work including the heavy and light duty ones. It is also very easy to start and when properly maintained, it can actually be able to serve you for quite a long time.

It is also very important to read the user manual so as to know exactly how to use this chainsaw and avoid damaging it. It is an amazing saw if you can get around proper use and maintenance.


4.Tanaka TCS40EA18 18-Inch 40cc 2-Stroke

Tanaka’s TCS40EA18 model is a gasoline powered unit. It comes with a powerful engine – 40cc – that develops 2.4HP. It is obviously designed for a commercial grade, yet it is mostly used for residential purposes. The 18 inch Oregon bar is more than enough for all kinds of operations. It can cut two times the bar length in thickness whether you need it for furniture, firewood or just clearing dead limbs. If you are worried about the pull force needed to start this machine, you should know that it comes with the patented S-Start technology, which reduces the pulling force by 50%.


  • Commercial grade engine
  • Can cut two times the bar length in thickness
  • 50% less force required to start
  • Accessible chain adjusting
  • Can be commercialized in California


  • Heavier than other products in its segment
  • Owner’s manual could have been more detailed


5.Black & Decker LCS1240 40-volt ,12-Inch

This is a cordless chainsaw that comes together with 40V battery. This battery is MAX lithium Ion which allows it a longer running time as well as an overall life. It also has the 12 inches Oregon low kickback chain and bar to reduce the incidence of kickbacks.

The oiling system is automatic. There is also a two free chain tensioning which makes it possible to have an easy and quick chain adjustment.

The chainsaw is a reliable quality and it is also very stable, making it a very ideal choice. The fact that the battery is well thought out, it can remain charged for 5 times longer, you can achieve very fast and smooth cuts with this black & decker chainsaw. You can make adjustments very easily while the lightweight features make it very easy to use and to maneuver. Chain and bar lubrication is done constantly via the automatic oiling system. Comfort and total control are offered by the wrap around the bale.


6.Green Works 20312 DigiPro G-MAX

Yet another fascinating cordless chainsaw with 40V Li-Ion and is 16 inches. This equipment comes with 4AH battery and a charger. One advantage of using a cordless chainsaw is the ease at which you can use it. You need not worry about the length of a cord because it doesn’t exist. All you have to do is to pre-charge the battery so as to make sure it is fully powered to handle the tasks that are meant for it.

Green works is a suitable cordless chainsaw which can prove very helpful for the light duty kind of tasks. This equipment comes with the premium power of the DigiPro brushless motor technology, which is able to cut up to one hundred cuts using a single charge. It has the 4AH battery as well as a charger. This makes it a very suitable chainsaw to use.

The brushless motor technology is able to deliver 30% more torque for the most amazing cutting performance. It is also designed to give 70% less in terms of vibration. This is one thing that makes it very easy and comfortable for anyone using it.

There is also a chain brake as well as a low kickback chain which goes a step further to increase the safety of the user.


7.Worx WG303.1 16-Inch 3.5 HP 14.5 Amp

Worx has drawn plenty of positive attention with one of its best-selling chainsaws. The model is electric and comes with a 16-inch bar. It starts whenever you need it, regardless of the weather conditions. Chain tensioning is automatic, but you can also do it manually. No tools are needed, whether you want to tighten or replace a chain. Lubrication is also automatic. The 6.75-ounce oil reservoir comes with a visible indicator. This should be your only concern regarding the maintenance. In terms of safety, Worx has implemented a safety chain stop, as well as a low kickback bar feature.


  • Powerful motor for an electric chainsaw
  • Solid safety features
  • Automatic mechanisms
  • Optimal operation and comfort due to the innovative handles
  • Can start anytime, anywhere


  • Limited by the cord length
  • Limited movements when sharpening



8.Oregon CS1500 Self-Sharpening

Oregon PowerNow’s electric chainsaw is designed with power in mind. It has a large 15amp motor, as well as a deep 18-inch bar. It does not just cut pretty fast, but it also does it at a great depth. Tensioning the chain does not require any tools at all. Plus, sharpening is a breeze with the PowerSharp mechanism. In terms of safety, the manufacturer has introduced a chain brake. As for comfort, the overall design is lightweight and properly balanced. The low vibration makes stability a serious plus, not to mention the ergonomic handle. Maintenance is insignificant and will not bother you.


  • 15 amp motor
  • 18-inch bar
  • Low kickback guide bar
  • Tool-less chain adjustment
  • PowerSharp technology for chain sharpening
  • Low vibration and comfortable handles
  • Chain brake


  • Powerful motor for an electric chainsaw
  • Simple chain adjustments
  • Automatic sharpening system
  • Easy to use due to low vibrations
  • Safe enough for newbies


  • Cord length feels limiting
  • Owner’s manual is not too detaile





The Buying guide

Going through a chainsaw buying guide is mandatory if you truly want to make a smart choice. Sure, those who have worked with chainsaws for years may not require too much attention because they probably know what they want or need already. They may also be aware of top-rated manufacturers and best selling products. However, a little guidance may bring back important memories as well. When it comes to newbies, a random choice will most likely be terrible. Why? Simple! No education or research will simply reveal a series of defects and limitations later on.

Newbie professionals and average homeowners are the most exposed ones to bad choices. This task feels daunting, indeed. You probably imagine that a little research over the Internet will give you all the required details. You might end up even more overwhelmed with the wealth of information out there. There are countless variables, features, bells and whistles to think about. This is why you need to take your time. Knowing the best products is one thing, but making sure that they can match your necessities is completely different. Otherwise, chances are you will face quite a few frustrating moments at some point or another. Now, what should you know?



What to Ask Yourself before Buying a Chainsaw

There are a few questions to help you determine what to expect from a chainsaw. Identifying your needs is the first step in the process.

If you only cut dead limbs a couple of times a year, a basic electric chainsaw might be the ideal choice. However, if you cut firewood for regular uses or you run a small business, you should opt for a gasoline-powered chainsaw. At that point, pay special attention to the engine size too. A powerful engine starts at 45cc.

If this is the first time you are about to use it, your expectations and demands are probably small, so you should opt for a small and safe unit. Do not exceed 18 inches in the guide bar length. Many jobs can be handled with 12 inch long bars as well. Long bars are mostly recommended to experienced operators.

Wood is normally classified in hardwood and softwood. Obviously, hardwood is very dense and requires more power for good results. Some of the most popular hardwoods include maple, oak, hickory, dogwood, ash, beech and birch. On the other hand, pine is the most common softwood. Hardwoods normally have large leaves that fall in the autumn. Softwoods have pin-line leaves, but they also have a powerful aroma of pine and freshness.

Once again, if you only cut firewood a few times a year or you just want to clear dead trees after a storm, an electric chainsaw is excellent. Plus, it does not require too much maintenance either. Gasoline powered chainsaws demand more care. However, there are plenty of people who do like to get involved and actually get their hands dirty in the process.

The location of your “workshop” may look irrelevant at first, yet it is not. If you have plenty of open space outdoors or you do it in a forest, you will probably require a gasoline powered machine as it provides mobility. If you do it in the backyard or the garage, an electric chainsaw might be better. Battery operated chainsaws also provide freedom, but over limited periods of time.

It does pay off to know what time of the year you will use the chainsaw. If you mostly use it during the summertime, there are no special features needed. If you do it in the wintertime for some firewood, you should opt for a few extra elements. For example, a heated handle is excellent, not to mention a heated carburetor. These things will contribute to your results on a cold day.

You cannot use a tiny chainsaw to cut really thick wood. Instead, the bar length limits you to how far you can go, so it might be good to determine the right size upfront.

Considering the Guide Bar Length

There are more attributes that demand a lot of attention when buying a chainsaw. The guide bar length is the main one. The length is measured from the housing entrance to the tip. This is basically the active cutting edge. This is the widest size or thickness a chainsaw can cut in one pass. It represents the so-called size of the chainsaw. However, you do not necessarily need the largest size in commerce if you are a hobbyist or a newbie. You should also know that you can go through thick pieces of wood with a smaller bar. Just do it in two passes – one on each side. The maximum cutting size is two times larger than the bar size.

Now, you probably ask yourself – are double cuts efficient? Size is usually directly proportional to strength. A huge log may also be pretty strong, so you should figure whether the engine is powerful enough to do it. In order to prevent any problematic situations, just check the bar length is two inches lower than the wood thickness. If you normally cut 14-inch trees, the guide bar should measure 16 inches.

How about your most popular operations?

  • Limbing and cutting small trees – 12 to 14 inches
  • Cutting middle trees – 16 to 18 inches
  • Trimming – 16 inches or less
  • Soft firewood cutting – 14 to 16 inches
  • Hard firewood cutting – 16 to 18 inches
  • Pruning – 12 inches or less
  • Bucking – 18 inches or more

Analyzing the Power Type

Chainsaws can be classified by the operation too. Power in gasoline operated chainsaws is expressed in cubic inches or cubic centimeters when it comes to the engine. The higher this value is, the more powerful your chainsaw is. However, keep in mind that power is directly proportional to the weight. Most commonly, homeowners’ needs can be handled by 24 to 46cc.

Electric chainsaws are less powerful, but also less expensive. Their power is given through the amperage. Once again, a higher amperage underlines more power.

Finally, battery operated chainsaws come with volts. The voltage explains the power. These are basically the smallest class in this segment. They also represent the weakest choice. However, they are recommended for general operations, like pruning and light cutting. The lithium-ion battery is the most advanced one, but it also loads up very fast.

Choosing Safety over Danger

Buying a chainsaw is different from buying a sandwich maker. How? Simple – they are extremely dangerous if not used accordingly. Only in the USA, up to 300 people get injured on a daily basis. From this point of view, opt for a model with the anti-kickback chain feature. Other injuries can be prevented with thorough education. A little practice is also needed, hence the necessity to buy something perfectly designed for your necessities. Avoid making decisions based on the price only, as your life is priceless.

Apart from the anti-kickback chain feature, you should also purchase some safety gear. These things do not come with chainsaws, but must be purchased separately. They include goggles, safety boots and pants, head protection, gloves and even hearing protection if you get a gasoline-powered chainsaw.

Gasoline Powered Versus Electric Versus Battery Powered Chainsaws


Each type of chainsaw has its own advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to gasoline powered chainsaws, they are better known for their exquisite power. They can easily beat electric and battery-operated alternatives. They are also mobile and can be used anywhere – even in the middle of wilderness, as long as you got gas and oil. The bar oiling system leaves no room for mistakes either. However, these models are professional. Most of them are suited for commercial usage, yet there are many residential models as well. The cutting speed is fast while the bar length is pretty high.

On a negative note, these chainsaws pollute and release harmful emissions. They are also noisy, so you might need some hearing protection. Moving them around can be a challenge if you do not have enough strength. Fuel costs add up too while the maintenance is high. You risk ending up with some spills and messy trouble every once in a while.

Electric chainsaws are different. They usually come with an instant start, yet they are limited in mobility due to the cord. They are pretty quiet, so they will not really disturb you. As there are no oil and gas included, maintenance is simple and operations are economical. Moving them around should not be too hard because they are pretty lightweight and safe. You can use them indoors with no issues at all, especially due to the missing fumes and exhaust gasses.

Apart from the limited mobility, they are also limited to basic or medium operations only. This is because they are not as powerful as gasoline operated chainsaws. The bar length range is also smaller. You should not use them in wet conditions due to the risks of electric shocks.

Cordless electric chainsaws run with batteries. They are the weakest and lightest choices, so they are mostly recommended to hobbyists or random cutters. Batteries last between 30 and 60 minutes, yet they usually charge pretty fast – the same time frame. Despite all these, they are also more expensive than other alternatives.

Features to Look for in a Chainsaw

Anti-kickback chains are mandatory for personal safety, especially if you are not a professional. This feature tends to become a default, but it is still worth checking. Unless you are experienced or you have had professional training, this feature is a must or you risk severe damage.

Trigger locks are just as handy. Some chainsaws keep running even after you put them down. You need to actually turn them off. Some others are different and come with a trigger lock. Whenever you stop pressing it, the machine stops working. This kind of feature clears accidental starts.

Chain brakes are normally caused by inertia. They are activated in two different ways. The chain stops when the guard bumps into your hand. Also, a sudden and abrupt rotation or movement of the kickback will immediately stop the machine. The primary purpose of this feature is to prevent accidents.

Given the powerful profile of chainsaws, it might be wise to invest in a machine with anti-vibration handles. Vibration is likely to cause fatigue and numbness over long cutting sessions.

Chain tensioning is almost always adjustable, but it must be accessible too. Many modern chainsaws come with easy access on one side, so you can do it without any tools at all.

When interested in a higher efficiency, opt for a primer bulb and a decompression valve. These choices are available in gasoline powered chainsaws only. They are meant to make starting way simpler and faster, regardless of the weather conditions.

Your safety is not the only thing that matters, but also the safety of your machine. An internal circuit breaker will prevent burning the motor if you push the chainsaw beyond its abilities. This feature is common in electric chainsaws though.

Finally, do not overcome the maintenance. Easier is better. There are plenty of automatic features out there, such as oiling. Go for them. Otherwise, as a newbie, you risk forgetting about them. Failing to oil the machine will break the chain in no time due to the intense and repetitive metal-on-metal friction.


As a short final conclusion, buying a chainsaw is harder than it seems, but definitely not impossible. Sit down and take your time when doing your homework. Focus on your actual needs and avoid random bells and whistles that only add to the price and never to the efficiency.

Related questions and answers

You should only buy a chainsaw that you are totally comfortable with. More advanced technologies are now being used by manufacturers and you need to look for functionality, durability, and safety.

You can find a good chainsaw on

There are lots of resources that one can access, especially on the internet. Also, chainsaws come with manuals that can prove to be very helpful. You can also learn a few things from the people in the profession with years of experience.

It is important that you lead the user guide very keenly so as to understand the operations of the chainsaw. Also, it is important to concentrate and avoid any kind of distraction. Only operate chainsaw when you are well aware of how it is supposed to be handled.

This happens when the saw hits an object that sends it back towards the user. In every 12 timbering accidents, one is as a result of chainsaw kickback. If the professionals are at risk, then the inexperienced chain sawyer risk is much greater. It is important to make sure that you concentrate on the task at hand. Also, with the current technology, there are some features being included in the chainsaws so as to reduce the incident of kickbacks. It is such equipment that you should consider buying in the first place.

When you have the right clothing, you are safeguarded and the possibility of serious injury is greatly reduced. You should have on sturdy and snug fitting clothing for free movement. Don’t wear loose clothes as they may increase the chances of an accident.